Andrew Haglington grew up in suburbs of the city of Sheffield, before moving to live in the South West of England. Andrew has a B.A. Environmental Studies degree and has worked as a writer and artist. Via Haglington Media, he is the Publisher of numerous websites and social media pages as well as being Editor of Social Group Magazine.

Cathy Haglington (nee Body) has relatives across the South West and grew up in Dartmoor National Park. Cathy has business qualifications and has many years experience working for TSB Bank, as well as occasional work for National Trust. Cathy is Sales Director and Office Manager for Social Group Enterprises Ltd.

The couple met in 1999 and together developed a hands-on meeting up in the real world version of what they named “social networking”. Over the years and with enormous effort, they have helped many thousands of people to have fun and make new friends, becoming a positive ‘force for good’ in the community.

Andrew & Cathy feel their personal approach has been the key to their success in the world of social networking. Always doing their best to offer high standards of customer service and making sure everything is done professionally and properly is given the highest importance. Above all, working hard behind the scenes to ensure clients feel welcome and included, and have the opportunity to enjoy themselves and have a lot of fun.